I was rewatching “Any Questions?”, and I realized…

 My uncles James and Cyrus ain’t gone make it.

For this reason,

Even though Cyrus loves his husband, James, he does not respect him.

It had been in the back of my head all season, but it finally sank in last night.

Everytime Cyrus reprimands his husband it’s like watching him stab James in the stomach, slowly twisting the knife, and pulling it out. Leaving James bleeding, metaphorically, where he stands. 

The difference in this last attack is Cyrus slit James’ throat them verbally dismembered him and all he could do was cry…

Not to mention, I almost went through the screen on Cyrus when I saw him raise his hands at James twice!!!

Cyrus, you’re really so insulted and angry that James compared his interview with Mellie to your big break as Fitz’s COS that you tell him how many other attractive, better qualified journalists like Diane Sawyer or Anderson Cooper could have done that interview. While that might be true,and somewhat reflective, that was a bitch ass move, Cyrus.

On the Scandal Afterbuzz aftershow, Kennelia made an amazing point,

"Guess what Cyrus? They called everybody to run for President but they did not call you."

If I was Uncle James, I’d head back to the house, pack my clothes, put Lil’ E in the car seat and…

I’ll be damned if I ever let someone I love talk to me or treat me like I am less than human. At the end of the day, I love me way too much to put that level of fuckshit. And James has maybe stayed a little too long.

Too through with Uncle Cyrus,


PS I’m lowkey hoping that no one kneeling around him has any aspirin  just so he can suffer en route to the hospital.