Y’all can be mad at Olivia if y’all want to.

I understand that she needs to apologize for Defiance but *Kid Fury voice* No Fitz, what you NOT GON’ DO ISĀ treat me like shit for 10 months damn near a year, hit it in the closet then promptly quit it, then on top of all that stalk me in my own home, harass me on the phone, then when I end up in the hospital with a concussion due to your somewhat competition, you in your newfound sobriety gone try to come and patch shit up and be all hunky dory. And expect me to be happy you’ve come to your senses *Regine Hunter Voice* Nooo, I am NOT the one. Miss me with all that.

PS Did the promo really refer to the show as ONE. HOT. MESS. XD