One of the only things I wanted from Degrassi: The Next Generation was for them to let Terri be great.

And then they put her ass in a coma and nobody knew what happened to her until they finally aired Accidents Will Happen YEARS later

Right?!? She was like the punching bag for everybody especially Paige’s ass. And the only time she had a real happy moment is when she became a plus size model. Then Rick happened smh

Let’s not get started on Terri and Rick I get mad every time I think about it, they never let Terri have anything good.

Aw fuck it, I’mma say it.


White feminists need to understand that not all men are sexualized in a way that wholly benefits them. That is something exclusive to white men point blank period.

Because MOC are sexualized in ways that remove their agency and their humanity, and most times this is perpetrated by both white women and white men.

So when you’re talking about the sexualization of men giving men power, you need to be specific about which group of men you’re talking about.